Our Solar Schools

Our Solar Schools

The ten schools which have had panels installed by Wey Valley Solar Schools receive free or heavily discounted electricity generated by their panels, an excellent educational resource and major improvements to their infrastructure. In addition to the solar panels, the schools receive a display monitor showing the amount of electricity being produced by the panels or a data link to the panels output – to involve the students and their parents in climate change mitigation and renewable energy generation.

The original six schools installed in 2011/2102 were in Surrey:

Rodborough School, Milford – 49 kW
Broadwater School, Farncombe – 47.5kW
Godalming Sixth Form College – 49 kW
Woolmer Hill School, Haslemere – 33.5 kW
Guildford County School – 17.5kW
Beacon School, Banstead – 42kW.

We extended the system at Beacon School by 52kW in December 2015.

We have also since added the following schools………..

Christ Church Primary School (St Leonards on Sea near Hastings) – 30kW (commissioned in 2014
George Abbot School, Guildford – 198.5kW (commissioned in December 2015)
Boxgrove Primary School, Merrow – 43.68kW (commissioned in April 2016)
Jubilee High School, Addlestone – 27.04 kW- (commissioned summer 2016)

We have also recently completed an installation on our first church, St Paul’s Church, Addlestone – 10.4kW (commissioned in June 2020)

The total installed capacity is now just over 600kW over the eleven sites.

The educational benefits to the schools have been described by the former Head Teacher at Rodborough School, Andrew Smith, who is also one our Directors click here to see what he says on youtube about the educational benefits of the panels at Rodborough.
Staff at other schools have been equally enthusiastic, Mr Hughes (Head of Science at Broadwater) said. “The solar PV system will benefit both school and students. Students are fully aware of the problems with conventional fossil fuel power production; global warming, carbon footprints, acid rain and problems of energy reserves from their science lessons, so having this system installed at Broadwater will allow them to see first-hand the positive impact of clean renewable energy.

They will be able to monitor the output and see the savings made both financially and environmentally. It is a fantastic opportunity to see renewable energy live instead of just hearing about it or watching video clips, and to be involved.”