Energy4All is a social enterprise that provides the financial, technical and administrative support to Wey Valley Solar. Founded in 2002 by the Baywind Energy Co-operative (the UK’s first renewable energy co-operative), it acts as an umbrella organisation for 33 community energy co-operative across the UK with a combined membership of over 19,000 individual members. Energy4All now touches every part of the UK from hydro sites in NW Scotland to solar arrays on the SE coast. Energy4All is led by Wey Valley Solar’s chair, Mike Smyth MBE who also leads Wey Valley Solar’s sister co-op, Schools Energy Co-operative.

Energ4All’s expert staff create a seamless connection between the drive and local knowledge of community energy organisations and the scale of resource needed to successfully manage disparate solar, wind and hydro projects.

To date Energy4All and its co-operatives have raised over £82 million to fund community energy projects. In 2018 it was given a special award by Community Energy England for its outstanding contribution and has won an Ashden Award for climate solution innovation.