Share offer for St. Paul’s, Addlestone, over-subscribed

The recent share offer for solar PV on St. Paul’s Church, Addlestone has been over-subscribed. The initial share offer was made to friends and congregation of the church who raised the full capital needed in short measure. The 10.4 kWp array marks the 11th installation by Wey Valley Solar and brings its total generating capacity to 600 kWp (O.6 mWp).

Director, Andrew Dalton, said

“It is good to see a church join the 10 schools in our co-op and the enthusiasm of the congregation made financing the project very easy.”

Members of Wey Valley Solar, and others interested in local community energy and investment who were not able to join in the St. Paul’s share issue are invited to register for a future fundraising anticipated in the next two years.